Week 32: Shadows

I love shadows. There is something about the way that shadows play with the light has always made me smile. I took these pictures over the past week, some early in the day, some during the afternoon when the sun shines its strongest.

Early morning in the woods- the sprinklers had just finished, revealing dozens of spider webs.

Flowers in the garden

The shadow on the tomato reminded me of a peace sign...

This one doesn’t really fit the shadow theme for this week, but I love the way the water reflects off of the spider web.


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Week 29: Summertime

I know that summertime brings to mind the beach, but since we aren’t headed to the beach for a little while, I thought I would share a few pictures of summertime that I took while wandering around my yard.

I love this little guy! He and his wife live in our front yard somewhere

I was watering one morning and caught this praying mantis (I think) hanging out on the stalk of one of my basil plants

My very happy basil- I am snipping off flowers every day.

Hopefully my little tomato will grow up...

The one picture I haven’t been able to snap yet- and I am  not sure I want to get close enough to do so- is of the big ole copperhead snake which has been living in the sinkhole under our driveway (yes, we have a sinkhole in our driveway). We used to think our driveway just had some personality- and I often likened it to a children’s roller coaster. However, it turns out it is likely the result of a lazy builder who dug a hole and buried all the leftovers from the construction. Apparently this is (or was) a very common practice- so much so that it has been outlawed. Of course, that is no consolation for us, as we have watched a portion of our driveway slowly sink… good news is that it will be fixed later this month, so no more rollercoaster ride for us.

The sinkhole- The bottom middle - where it looks like there is a curb- is the entrance to the sinkhole where we have seen Mr Copperhead.

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Week 31: Water

I love how the rain sits on the plants in my garden, sustaining them for a brief moment, before the oppressive heat of the day grabs everything in its sight with its hot tendrils.

Tomatoes in my garden

The neighborhood pool is a great place to find water, and a lot of action.

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Week 28: Family

What perfect timing, being that we are just back from our annual Harris Family reunion. It always so much fun seeing my father and Paula and my brothers and sisters and their spouses. But the best part of the trip is the cousins- watching the cousins,, who range in age from 5 to 25, spend time together. So here are a few choice pictures from the trip

From Left- Nicole, Ben, Claire, Cole, Matt and Sharon

Matt, Claire, Ben and Kathleen (mother of Ben and Claire)

Adam (left back) and Marc (right) participated in a "mini-triathlon"- 1/4 mile swim, 6 mile bike and 2 mile run. Claire was very happy to see her dad come over the finish line...

The family cheering on Adam and Marc

Both David and his daughter Nicole rode horses for the first time last weekend

Say "cheese" Lori and Cole!

Claire’s scarf became the accessory to be seen in…








The secret handshake

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Week 26: Light Experimentation

My dog Munchkin was cooling off under the table after a walk, and I was fiddling with the flash on my camera. Munchkin is a difficult subject, because he is so dark, and he is partially blind, so if I use the flash on my camera, his eyes become a dull blue color. So I used my zoom to get a close-up shot, but intentionally positioned myself so the flash would cast a shadow on part of him, trying to keep the flash out of his eyes.

And then, there was the “fun with the blue light” experiment…

Take one part heavy glass mug. Add dark room and blue light. Mix gently at 65mm/f5 for 2.5 seconds

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Week 23: Party

I took some pictures at a friend’s party last weekend. Most of the people there are camera shy, so the long lens came in handy- and resulted in some nice shots.

John and Jane were our hosts. I would post the picture I took of Jane, but then she would kill me, so I think I will pass...

Margaret loves a good joke

The smokiness in the picture is actually smoke from the bar-b-q which the little one was very interested in!

Well, at least the flower is in focus...

I was trying to take a picture of the wine glass, but Jim's face got in the way

Summer lights (not to be confused with christmas lights!)

Chuck listens intently to the wide-ranging conversation

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Week 22: Looking in

The neighborhood down the street from us abandoned their pool and tennis courts a number of years ago, so it has become very overgrown. Bill and I went over there the other day to see what it looked like, and the door to the entrance into the pool area was opened (we were surprised, too). Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me at the time, but it was as though the people had abandoned it very suddenly- the kitchen areas had an old cassette player on the counter, the mud wasps had made their home on the walls, and there were spider webs everywhere. I went back today to take some pictures, and the door was locked. So instead, I got some pictures that fit the “looking in” theme…

I was experimenting with different focal lengths- couldn’t decide if I should make the part inside the house clear, and blue the door, or vice versa. I like the way this one came out- the door was a perfect frame for the blurry orchid inside. I only wish I had moved my tripod out of the way…

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