I ate beets last night, and now I found out I could be dying

My husband loves beets. I have never been a big fan, but, on the advice of a couple of girl friends, I went to Publix and bought beets, so I could roast them for dinner last night. They were messy, but pretty easy to peel after roasting, and they tasted delicious- although  my ungrateful husband said they tasted as good as, but not better than, the canned ones. I should have anticipated that- he also likes canned cranberry sauce better than homemade.

Later that night when I went to the bathroom my pee was pink! At first I was a little freaked out, thinking it was blood in my urine, but then I thought about the beets. So of course, I went to the best medical source I know- the Internets! And they told me-

  • I probably have low stomach acid.
  • Or maybe pernicious anemia which is a chronic condition caused by gastric atrophy which leads to deficient intrinsic factors to process B12.
  • Or maybe an Iron deficiency which can lead to anemia, headaches, feeling weak or passing out, pale skin, lips, and fingernails!
  • And, low stomach acid is linked to other diseases like stomach cancer, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

OMG!!! All this from a little pink pish!! Who knew?

Tonight I did an experiment. I drank some lemonade (lemon juice and water) before I ate the beets. Want to see if the increased acidity in my stomach helps me digest the beet dye. By tomorrow I could be dead from pernicious anemia. And this is why I should never get medical advice from strangers on the internet. Or maybe it is why I should never eat beets again.

Update: The experiment worked- no pink pee! Final experiment- ate beets (yes, I had a lot of them!) last night without lemonade- pink pee in the morning!


PS- Did I mention that my poop was purple?


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