The end and the beginning of a new chapter

In 1985, I started working at 4111 Northside Parkway in Atlanta, Ga, fondly known as “Hillside”- not to be confused with Lakeside (yes, one was on the hill, the other over the lake). Those days were different. You went to an office every day. You had lunch with your colleagues, and talked about more than just work. You had a VM ID and a dumb terminal, and on a snow day, you got to play hooky with the kids and the neighbors.

On Oct 27, 2012, the building was imploded to make room for a new high school. As the charges began to go off, I could feel the concussions against my chest, in my heart, and with each one came memories of those days. I thought of friends who are no longer with us (Wendy- I still think of you after all these years), and of those who I am lucky enough to still have. And of course, of my husband- who convinced me to move to Atlanta (for work), and then convinced me to marry him (in this very building) – both excellent decisions for both of us!

As the building started to fall, I found myself thinking of another day, two other buildings falling in a tragedy from which many will never recover. This time, at least for me, was just another chapter in the story of my life. And it seemed fitting that it came a few days before my retirement from IBM. As my boss said – the official signal of the next chapter of my life beginning. Well said, Janis.

IBM Hillside Building Implosion – YouTube

Some pictures-

A view from the viewing gallery, before sunrise.

Charges were placed all around the building. We heard around a dozen explosions, starting the front and going to the back. Then there was a second set of explosions in the front, and that was when the building started to fall.

The building started to collapse at the front, and went towards the back. At first it looked like the last section was not going to fall, and then it slowly disappeared behind the trees. It took around 7 seconds in total to fall.

Nice job, boys!

A view of the building right after the implosion




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