Week 29: Summertime

I know that summertime brings to mind the beach, but since we aren’t headed to the beach for a little while, I thought I would share a few pictures of summertime that I took while wandering around my yard.

I love this little guy! He and his wife live in our front yard somewhere

I was watering one morning and caught this praying mantis (I think) hanging out on the stalk of one of my basil plants

My very happy basil- I am snipping off flowers every day.

Hopefully my little tomato will grow up...

The one picture I haven’t been able to snap yet- and I am  not sure I want to get close enough to do so- is of the big ole copperhead snake which has been living in the sinkhole under our driveway (yes, we have a sinkhole in our driveway). We used to think our driveway just had some personality- and I often likened it to a children’s roller coaster. However, it turns out it is likely the result of a lazy builder who dug a hole and buried all the leftovers from the construction. Apparently this is (or was) a very common practice- so much so that it has been outlawed. Of course, that is no consolation for us, as we have watched a portion of our driveway slowly sink… good news is that it will be fixed later this month, so no more rollercoaster ride for us.

The sinkhole- The bottom middle - where it looks like there is a curb- is the entrance to the sinkhole where we have seen Mr Copperhead.

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