Week 22: Looking in

The neighborhood down the street from us abandoned their pool and tennis courts a number of years ago, so it has become very overgrown. Bill and I went over there the other day to see what it looked like, and the door to the entrance into the pool area was opened (we were surprised, too). Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me at the time, but it was as though the people had abandoned it very suddenly- the kitchen areas had an old cassette player on the counter, the mud wasps had made their home on the walls, and there were spider webs everywhere. I went back today to take some pictures, and the door was locked. So instead, I got some pictures that fit the “looking in” theme…

I was experimenting with different focal lengths- couldn’t decide if I should make the part inside the house clear, and blue the door, or vice versa. I like the way this one came out- the door was a perfect frame for the blurry orchid inside. I only wish I had moved my tripod out of the way…

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