Week 21: Temptation

I try to eat healthy, and one of the ways I accomplish it is to not have too much junk in the house- because if it is there, it calls out to me. Sometimes it is just a whisper and I can brush it off, replace it with a song (also, in my head). But sometimes, those temptations scream out to me so loudly that there is only one way to quell them- give in! And boy does that feel good!

I looked around the house to see what temptations were hiding in the closets and cabinets…

Although I have to call the first one a temptation, the truth is that I am doing my husband a favor each time I give in to this one.  You see, he buys these packages which have 4 different types of mini chocolate bars, but he only actually likes three of the four. I hate to let food go to waste, so what’s a girl to do?

Mmm, chocolate!

Then, there’s the jellybeans. It all started two years ago, when Matt bought an oversized jar of jellybeans for his new year’s eve party. Unfortunately, there were a lot leftover. He stuck them on the counter in the kitchen and there they sat, all colorful and happy, just asking for someone to reach into the jar and grab a few. They became my almost nightly indulgence- each one a different tasty celebration of flavor. It too a while to finish the first jar, but since then, our counter has never been without a jar of jellybeans. Although no longer a nightly habit, they are my go-to dessert-snack.


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