Week 12: Planning

With a theme of planning, I almost bailed out on my weekly plan. Anything around a calendar is so cliche, I was hoping to to do something outside, but the weather had not cooperated at all, so I had almost given up. But then, as always, when all else fails, look to technology to help you out! I have a very cool app on the iPad called Corkculous. It is an electronic version of the corkboard we all had when we were growing up- whether it was the one in your room where you put pictures of your favorite Beatle (in my case, along with a big poster of the full “fab four”…), or the one in the kitchen in my first apartment- where I stuck all the takeout menus- it was always there. In the new world, corkboards have gone digital, with little widgets for putting to-do’s, notes, pictures, contacts – everything you need to help with, well, planning! So here is a snapshot of a corkculous board that I used to help me keep track of all the things I needed to do for an adult ed class (actually 4 weekly classes) I helped put together last fall. It will come in handy, as I am co-chairing the event again this fall.

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