My favorite pictures of 2010

Before I get into 2011, I wanted to share just a few of my favorites from 2010…

Miniature Circus

The Big tent at the miniature circus in Sarasota, FL (Ringlings Museum)

This was a picture from the zoo in Oakland (CA)- I think- it is a smaller zoo, but really nice. Taken over Thanksgiving-

My favorite subject for the last (almost) 21 years has been my son Matt. This is a recent picture, which in many ways captures his personality…

Our friends John and Jane threw a Halloween party, and everyone had to bring a pumpkin to carve. They did up the house, including the bar, complete with “black martinis”.
Halloween, 2010

And one more from Halloween, which makes me laugh when I just think about it. I didn’t realize what I had shot until I loaded them up the next day- check out John’s dog “Earl”…

Halloween- Earl and the Cow

Look at what Earl the dog is doing to the cow...

We were in Hilton Head, SC twice this year- in August and in October. I shot this picture of the sunrise in October.

Sunrise, Hilton Head, SC

Love the way the sun looks like it is being pulled away from the horizon

During that same visit, I made my husband Bill come out and throw crumbs to the birds so I could take pictures. I got a lot of nice shots but this one with Bill’s arm and the bird was my favorite.


I liked the way the picture included the throwing, the crumb and the bird!

One morning last summer, after it had rained, I noticed that the raindrops in the garden had not evaporated from the many spider webs- this was one of the pictures –


Raindrops on spiderwebs, 2010

We spend the day at lake Hiawasee with Bill’s brother Pat and wife, and Bill’s nephew David and David’s family. I got this shot of David on the lake-

Skiing on Lake Hiawasee

Some say he was pushed...

Our family (my side) reunions are always entertaining- mostly because the cousins of all ages get to spend time together. One of their favorite games is ‘beat up the big cousins’. Right about at this point, the little cousins were declaring victory…


The younger cousins' victory!

Matt is part of a dance group at his college. In the spring, we went out to see their final show. I shot this picture (no flash allowed) from the front row.


Shadow dancing anyone?

And finally, a picture from the ‘storm’ of 2010- it wasn’t much of a storm…at least it didn’t seem to bother this little guy…

Winter, 2010

The "big" storm of 2010- hey, it is the best we can do!

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